Friday, August 21, 2009

He Figured Out a Way

My little man figured out a way to walk. How sweet is this. And Allie is breaking it down to Joshua Fought the Battle of Jericho! What a great video!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My One Year Old

Can you believe that Joshua is One!! It seems like yesterday I was bringing my little man home from the hospital and now he is walking around eating dum dums and peanut butter sanwiches. Of course he had to make his first birthday interesting, so he decided to break his leg for us. My poor baby, in a full leg cast! He has taken it very well though, and has learned to crawl with that little leg!

We had a wonderful summer with Michael home. Wow, what a summer. We watched our little man learn how to walk together; realized that our little girl was becoming more of a big girl together; had a cup of coffee together every morning; visited best friends not seen in a long time together, and took a wonderful family vacation together! Thank you Lord for our excellent summer!

Some new news around her, Allie Kay will be starting 3-K on September 10th! The church that I really wanted her to go to for Pre-K had an opening last minute, so I signed little miss thing up! I am so excited for her. She asks about having friends all of the time. I can't believe I am entering the stage in Allie's life where she will be going to birthday parties and showing me her school work when she gets home, sniff sniff! But we are there and I am really excited for her!
I am now beginning to realize why I quit blogging (that would be Joshua on my leg screaming at me) so I will bring this to a close. Hope to blog really soon!