Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boys will be Boys

Wow I am learning the difference between boys and girls. First I learned that boys just love the toilet. There is no amount of "no no's" and "yucky's" and "Joshua nasty nasty" that will keep them out of it. If I hear that high pitched laugh and hear the very fast pitter patter of hands and knees on the carpet, I know I have left the bathroom door open and he is headed for his prized destination. Boys also have to be on the move at all times. Allie was so content with sitting and playing with her little toys, she crawl a few feet and stop and play with her toys. Well, Joshua is constantly here and there and everywhere. I am really going to be in for it when he starts walking right!! I have also learned that boys will eat anything and everything. The boy LOVES to eat. I have to bribe Allie to get her to eat just about anything. Not my little man. Oh no. He loves to shovel in as much food as he can in one sitting. And yes I said shovel in. He is feeding himself just about everything. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! He said "don't think so" to baby food about two weeks ago and has since discovered chicken nuggets, nutrigrain bars, sweet peas, carrots, etc etc. And finally, I have learned that boys love their mama to the nth degree. Allie was always very very attached to me and still is, but that twinkle in her eye belonged and still does to her daddy. Well, I finally see that twinkle when Joshua looks at me, and it melts me every time!!
I wish that this video showed his little noise that he makes with his nose better. He will do it for me any time of the day except for when I get the camera out. Here is a little glimpse of this sweet little smile that warms my heart every day!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conversations with a 3-year old; Anniversary # 9

Allie: You are doing your job and I am doing my job.
Me: What is my job?
Allie: Folding clothes.
Me: What is your job?
Allie: Playing.

Man, to be three again. Your only job is to play and to aggrivate the mess out of your little brother!

Me:What have you been getting in trouble about?
Allie: Picking up Joshua
Me: What happens when you do that?
Allie: I get in twouble
Me: Are you going to keep on doing it?
Allie: Yeah
Me: You don't care if you get in trouble?
Allie: Yeah
Me: But you are going to do it anyway?
Allie: Yeah
O Lord, give me the grace to deal with the terrible threes. We didn't have terrible two's, she was tricking me all the while knowing that she was going to throw me a bombshell during her third year!

Today I have been married for nine years! NINE YEARS! Where in the world has the time gone. I have been thinking all morning about what a blessed individual I am. Wow what a marriage. What a love that Michael and I share. What a devotion to one another that can only come from God. I am so priveledged to have a Godly marriage. I am so priveledged to be married to such a wonderful man. He still moves me in a way that only he can. He still captivates my heart with one smile. I still get butterflies when I see him in the morning and in the afternoon. He still owns my heart and soul. Praise the Lord. Not only do we have such a wonderful love, but we have two of the cutest, sweetest kids in the whole world. I always tried to picture what our kids would look like and be like when we first got married. Boy was I off. They are so different than what I imagined, but they are so much better. Praise God for my two precious children and the gift I have of being a wife and mother! Marriage is such a wonderful blessing in so many ways!

Friday, April 24, 2009