Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr. Penguin

I have recently discovered that Allie has a very naughty imaginary friend named Mr. Penguin. He explains why she wakes up scared and why she sometimes refuses to take a nap in hysteria. Apparently, he only comes when she sleeps and he says nananananana which for some reason scares her to death. Well, she told me that he came out of the sky where God lives. So, she and I had a nice long conversation about how only wonderful loving beings live with God and that they are there to protect Allie. God would never ever ever send anything to scare her. So, I printed out a picture of a gaurdian Angel standing over two small children who I named Allie and Joshua. I told her how beautiful and happy heaven is. We then prayed about Mr. Penguin and asked God to take him away. Well, the next day Allie told me that Mr. Penguin wasn't coming back anymore. We talked a little bit more about heaven and she simply said, "I want to live where God lives." O Allie, don't we all. It is such a thrilling thought that in what will seem like a blink of any eye will turn into eternity and yes, Allie will be there with me along with everyone else that I have ever loved! How awesome is that!

Joshua man is now rolling over both ways!!! He is such a big boy. I must confess that I was trying to give him away the other day because he has decided once again to try to see to it that I have to get up several times through the night while the rest of the world is in la la land. But, all in all I love that little man so terribly much and cannot wait to see his little personality unfold more and more. If he is anything like Allie, I am in for a huge treat!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Boy

You are what you Eat

So, this may be totally disgusting and inappropriate to write about but I just had to share! Those of you who know me know that I get a little bit concerned over the least little things with my children:) Well, this morning Allie had to "put a wormie in the potty." When I went in to wipe her, her poo was the strangest color or pink. It SCARED THE BAGEEBERS out of me. I know you are shocked that this actually concerened me, hehehe! So anyway, I calmly tried to rationale this strange pink poo poo and suddenly it came to me. She had eaten a cupcake last night with the nastiest pink icing, you know, the flouresent pink that stains you hands for three days if you touch it, I have ever tasted, but she loved it. Anywho, I was relieved to say the least and I vowed that she would never eat the pink cupcakes from Ingles again!

My little man is growing so fast. He now eats at least a jar of baby food every day. He sits with his hands supporting him in from of him. He uses the exersaucer to the max bouncing in it like crazy. We tried to put him in his bed to to our dismay he woke up five times or so every night. Out of desperation I moved him back to our room, and that very night he started only waking up at around 2 and 6 to eat. He just needs his mommy!