Friday, May 30, 2008

And I Wanted Her to Start Talking Because???

O the things that two year olds say. As if I wasn't already feeling fat enough, my sweet little girl reminded me of the fact that my hugeness is getting out of control the other day. Every morning when she wakes up I talk to her about what she dreamed about. Our conversation goes something like this...
Me: Did you dream about monkeys?
Allie: mmm hmm
Me: What did they say in your dream?
Allie: ooo ooo aaa aaa
Me: Did you dream about puppies?
Allie: mmm hmm
Me: What did they say in your dream?
Allie: ruff ruff
And we go on and on like this for a little while. Well, after about the fifth animal the other morning I proceeded to ask Allie if she saw a whale in her dream. BIG MISTAKE. That conversation went like this...
Me: and did you see a whale in your dream?
Allie: Mommy's a whale!
Can you believe that? Mommy's a whale. The nerve of this child. She called her very own mother a whale. I couldn't help but crack up at her. The innocence of children.
She said the cutest thing yesterday though. I have really been talking the arrival of Joshua up so that she will just love and adore her little brother when he finally gets here. Well, the suspense has become too much for her. In our normal conversation about Joshua yesterday Allie said, "Mommy, I want to open Joshua." and She lifted up my shirt and thought we should just be able to open my tummy and get him out. How cute is that!
My Beautiful Allie!

Friday, May 23, 2008

This one is for you Pa

For anyone who knows my dad well at all knows that he makes "funny noises" as Allie calls them. Without going into detail lets just say that air comes out of his body quite often!! Well, Allie really picked up on this little fact about her Pa during our last visit with them. Every time Pa would "let some air out" Allie would laugh and say, "Pa made funny noise." Well, last night we were riding in the car and Allie burped after drinking a lot of Hi-C. She then said, "I made funny noise like Pa." Anywho, thought you would enjoy that Dad. Allie thinks very fondly of your funny noises!

On another note, we are definitely making progress in Allie's potty training. She pee peed twice yesterday and poo pooed in her potty today. If I can just bottle up my frustration, I think we will continue on the road to success!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a little Thank You to Amanda for lying to me and telling me that I look great in your last comment even though my behind is every bit as big as my belly. Now, where are those tootsie rolls.....


Just when I was about to call it quits with potty training, Allie did #2 in the potty!!!!! She had pee peed on herself twice today and I felt this rush of anxiety come over me and I thought, "I just don't even need to try this right now." Seriously at about that time my little buttercup came running to me and said, "I put Poo Poo in da Poddy." I came to look and low and behold, she was right! I guess the Lord knew I needed a little encouragement so He gave me what I needed to keep on trying! I was also able to take a walk today with no pain at my incision area and it was so nice! We heard the birds singing and saw the squirrels playing and just soaked in one of the last cool mornings we will have in GA!

This would be Allie and Dora pottying. She took Dora's bloomers off and told her to pee pee on the potty.
Now if this isn't a cheeser knocker (what Pa calls Allie) I don't know what is.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Finally, Pictures

I finally am able to upload pictures to my computer. My camera is still shot so the pictures aren't all that great, but for many of you you will be surprised at how much Allie & Joshua have grown!!!! I promise to take many pictures and post more soon!

Three More Months

I have been feeling so depressed the last couple of days, and I have narrowed it down to two things.
1. Potty training is the most boring, yet challenging thing that I have ever done. I have to stay right by Alliebug at all times or her big girl panties will become soaking wet panties! So, we stay inside, watch TV and run to the potty about fifty times until she FINALLY pee pees. It has only happened twice by the way. I compare it to fishing. You fish for hours and hours and hours. You haven't even had a nibble so you put your rod down for one minute to eat a snack or something. Of course in that one minute a huge fish comes and takes your pole with him in the water. That is how it is around here. I will go to do one little thing and when I come back, Allie has either peed or pooed in her panties! Of course, when you catch the big one that four or five hours doesn't really seem all that bad. I guess that is how it is with Allie. When she finally goes in her potty it makes the last four hours not seem so dreadful!
2. The second thing is that I still have THREE months of pregnancy left! My little man is getting so big and has actually hurt me a couple of times with the punches he packs! I can't wait to see him and hold him and smell him and nurse him and all of that good stuff. On top of my longing to meet my son, I have started having terrible back pain. If I do ANYTHING I pay for it. I read that exercise is good for back pain during pregnancy, so I started walking. I had to stop that because I get really bad pain where my c-section scar is. I can't win for losing! So when I stop and think that I have three more months, I have to admit that it depresses me!
However, most of my days truly are wonderful. In fact, when I stop to count all of my blessings it makes me feel plum silly for complaining at all. I love being a mother and a wife more than I ever dreamed I could. Potty training may be difficult, and cleaning may kill my back, but I couldn't ask for a better daughter to potty train or a better husband to clean for. I am sure Joshua will steal my heart away the minute he is born and make me forget I ever had a complaint while being pregnant with him. God has truly blessed me with an amazing family!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Major Accomplishments

In the last two days, Allie has accomplished two things that are HUGE around here. Yesterday at naptime, I decided once and for all that it was time for little butt to go to sleep on her own. So, we went into my room (where she likes to sleep) with her "chotie" chocholate milk in hand. I picked her up, laid her down, kissed her head, told her to have a good nap and walked out of the room. She got up one time looking for me, but I brought her right back to the bed and told her to lay there like a big girl and go to sleep. She called out for me for about five minutes but didn't get back up. The next thing I knew, SHE WAS ASLEEP!! Hallelujiah! She slept for two hours. I hope it goes that smoothly today!
Today has been a potty training day. Those days come along when I am too lazy to do anything else so I use the excuse that I have to watch Allie like a hawk so she don't pee or poo on the floor. I really wasn't expecting much. I turned on the TV and parked Allie on her potty. Each time she would get up I would tell her to pee pee on her potty and not the floor. I left her for about one minute to fix her some lunch and she came into the kitchen. I just knew she was coming to tell me that she peed on the floor. Nope, the precious little words, "Mommy, I put pee pee in the poddy" came out of her mouth. I had to go see for myself and sure enough her little potty was full of pee pee! I teared up a little bit and just hugged her to pieces. She got to pour her pee pee in the big potty and flush it, which was awesome to her. And then ofcourse she got a big ole handful of M&M's and recieved more praise from mommy. I hope that this is the beginning of potty days for Alliebug. Even if it isn't, I can't believe my big girl pee peed on the potty!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things I am Notorious For

I try to keep a clean house. I really do. I sweep on a daily basis, mop and vacuum at least twice a week, clean the toilets twice a week, etc. etc. However, I have discovered today that there are so many things that I am notorious for when it comes to this house. I am guilty of:
1. Taking the trash out, but leaving the trash can bare of a new trashbag
2. Washing three loads of clothes and leaving that third load in the dryer for two or three days
3. Promising myself that the refrigerator will not get as yucky and cluttered as the last time, but it ALWAYS does!
4. Same goes for the car, closets, Allie's toy area, and DVD area as the refrigerator
5. Thinking everytime that I dust, "I really need to do this more often," but I never do.
6. Getting aggrevated at Michael for leaving his clothes out and then finding mine from yesterday on the floor
And the list could go on and on but I am really making myself feel terrible as a little house wife so I am going to go in a corner and think of all of the things that I DO do well. I don't think that the list will be quite as long as my follies though!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Friends

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. I woke up to some upsetting news about one of my dearest friends' little boy. He may have a fatal illness that is incurable. When I discovered this, I cried and cried, and cried some more. My heart literally aches for my dear friend. She has been a part of some of the most important days in my life, including my wedding, and I love her and her family so much! This news made me hug Allie a little bit tighter and pray for Joshua a little bit harder! But it seems that the Lord knew just what I needed to cheer me up a little bit. I FINALLY got to see another one of my dearest friends Amanda and her precious twins that were born about six months ago. I saw them when they were first born, weighing in at about four pounds a piece. BOY HAVE THEY CHANGED. They are absolutely adorable!! They will both just steal your heart with their little smiles. They seem to be such happy babies and they are so healthy and growing beautifully!! Amanda, you have done such a wonderful job with them and you will never know what it meant for me to see you yesterday!!! The next time I see you though, one of your twins may turn up missing! I might just have to take one home with me:)

Friday, May 9, 2008

My little Joshua

My appointment went great on Wednesday. He is doing really good and becoming very active. His heart rate actually shot up to the 170's! I felt him kicking the dopplar off of my stomach so needless to say he has a little temper when something makes him mad! I also have to say that he gets that from him mommy! Well, that is unless you consider Michael's road rage and then you can say he gets it from his daddy! He He! Allie went with me and heard his heartbeat and loved that part. I saw the doctor that delivered Allie and he just had a fit over her. He even gave her a sucker. She was awed and admired by all of the nurses. I must admit she is the cutest little girl you have ever laid eyes on!
So, I go back in four weeks for another check up and glucose test. I continue to pray and hope you are that all goes well. The time is ticking away!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Itty Bitty Alliebug

Allie had a well check up a couple of days ago. She is twenty five months old. I CAN'T believe that! The doctor was very pleased with her progress. She seemed surprised when I told her all of the things Allie is doing now. She said she is doing very well in all aspects of her development. PRAISE THE LORD. We take things for granted that all is well and is always going to be well which seems to make us forget how awesome God is in keeping us healthy. Allie's stats are as follows:
33 inches tall: 25th percentile
24 pnds 14 oz: 25th percentile
Which confirms what I already knew. My little Alliebug is little bitty. She could easily pass for 18 months but talks like a three year old. I love it.
The other day Allie proclaimed the part of the living room that holds all of her toys as, "baby's house." She refers to herself as baby which is just precious to me. She shuts her "door" which is her little foam sitting chair and tells me when I can come in. She holds her babies and when they "cry" she tells them, " oh, it's ok. I've got you," and rocks them back and forth. I can't believe how growny she is becoming. I love the person she is growing into!
Joshua and I have an appointment today. I am dreading my weight check. It can't be good after those two eating fest weeks that I spent in Florida. O well. At least Joshua is getting plenty to eat right?