Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three More Months

I have been feeling so depressed the last couple of days, and I have narrowed it down to two things.
1. Potty training is the most boring, yet challenging thing that I have ever done. I have to stay right by Alliebug at all times or her big girl panties will become soaking wet panties! So, we stay inside, watch TV and run to the potty about fifty times until she FINALLY pee pees. It has only happened twice by the way. I compare it to fishing. You fish for hours and hours and hours. You haven't even had a nibble so you put your rod down for one minute to eat a snack or something. Of course in that one minute a huge fish comes and takes your pole with him in the water. That is how it is around here. I will go to do one little thing and when I come back, Allie has either peed or pooed in her panties! Of course, when you catch the big one that four or five hours doesn't really seem all that bad. I guess that is how it is with Allie. When she finally goes in her potty it makes the last four hours not seem so dreadful!
2. The second thing is that I still have THREE months of pregnancy left! My little man is getting so big and has actually hurt me a couple of times with the punches he packs! I can't wait to see him and hold him and smell him and nurse him and all of that good stuff. On top of my longing to meet my son, I have started having terrible back pain. If I do ANYTHING I pay for it. I read that exercise is good for back pain during pregnancy, so I started walking. I had to stop that because I get really bad pain where my c-section scar is. I can't win for losing! So when I stop and think that I have three more months, I have to admit that it depresses me!
However, most of my days truly are wonderful. In fact, when I stop to count all of my blessings it makes me feel plum silly for complaining at all. I love being a mother and a wife more than I ever dreamed I could. Potty training may be difficult, and cleaning may kill my back, but I couldn't ask for a better daughter to potty train or a better husband to clean for. I am sure Joshua will steal my heart away the minute he is born and make me forget I ever had a complaint while being pregnant with him. God has truly blessed me with an amazing family!

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