Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Major Accomplishments

In the last two days, Allie has accomplished two things that are HUGE around here. Yesterday at naptime, I decided once and for all that it was time for little butt to go to sleep on her own. So, we went into my room (where she likes to sleep) with her "chotie" chocholate milk in hand. I picked her up, laid her down, kissed her head, told her to have a good nap and walked out of the room. She got up one time looking for me, but I brought her right back to the bed and told her to lay there like a big girl and go to sleep. She called out for me for about five minutes but didn't get back up. The next thing I knew, SHE WAS ASLEEP!! Hallelujiah! She slept for two hours. I hope it goes that smoothly today!
Today has been a potty training day. Those days come along when I am too lazy to do anything else so I use the excuse that I have to watch Allie like a hawk so she don't pee or poo on the floor. I really wasn't expecting much. I turned on the TV and parked Allie on her potty. Each time she would get up I would tell her to pee pee on her potty and not the floor. I left her for about one minute to fix her some lunch and she came into the kitchen. I just knew she was coming to tell me that she peed on the floor. Nope, the precious little words, "Mommy, I put pee pee in the poddy" came out of her mouth. I had to go see for myself and sure enough her little potty was full of pee pee! I teared up a little bit and just hugged her to pieces. She got to pour her pee pee in the big potty and flush it, which was awesome to her. And then ofcourse she got a big ole handful of M&M's and recieved more praise from mommy. I hope that this is the beginning of potty days for Alliebug. Even if it isn't, I can't believe my big girl pee peed on the potty!

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