Friday, May 9, 2008

My little Joshua

My appointment went great on Wednesday. He is doing really good and becoming very active. His heart rate actually shot up to the 170's! I felt him kicking the dopplar off of my stomach so needless to say he has a little temper when something makes him mad! I also have to say that he gets that from him mommy! Well, that is unless you consider Michael's road rage and then you can say he gets it from his daddy! He He! Allie went with me and heard his heartbeat and loved that part. I saw the doctor that delivered Allie and he just had a fit over her. He even gave her a sucker. She was awed and admired by all of the nurses. I must admit she is the cutest little girl you have ever laid eyes on!
So, I go back in four weeks for another check up and glucose test. I continue to pray and hope you are that all goes well. The time is ticking away!

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