Friday, May 30, 2008

And I Wanted Her to Start Talking Because???

O the things that two year olds say. As if I wasn't already feeling fat enough, my sweet little girl reminded me of the fact that my hugeness is getting out of control the other day. Every morning when she wakes up I talk to her about what she dreamed about. Our conversation goes something like this...
Me: Did you dream about monkeys?
Allie: mmm hmm
Me: What did they say in your dream?
Allie: ooo ooo aaa aaa
Me: Did you dream about puppies?
Allie: mmm hmm
Me: What did they say in your dream?
Allie: ruff ruff
And we go on and on like this for a little while. Well, after about the fifth animal the other morning I proceeded to ask Allie if she saw a whale in her dream. BIG MISTAKE. That conversation went like this...
Me: and did you see a whale in your dream?
Allie: Mommy's a whale!
Can you believe that? Mommy's a whale. The nerve of this child. She called her very own mother a whale. I couldn't help but crack up at her. The innocence of children.
She said the cutest thing yesterday though. I have really been talking the arrival of Joshua up so that she will just love and adore her little brother when he finally gets here. Well, the suspense has become too much for her. In our normal conversation about Joshua yesterday Allie said, "Mommy, I want to open Joshua." and She lifted up my shirt and thought we should just be able to open my tummy and get him out. How cute is that!
My Beautiful Allie!

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