Friday, May 23, 2008

This one is for you Pa

For anyone who knows my dad well at all knows that he makes "funny noises" as Allie calls them. Without going into detail lets just say that air comes out of his body quite often!! Well, Allie really picked up on this little fact about her Pa during our last visit with them. Every time Pa would "let some air out" Allie would laugh and say, "Pa made funny noise." Well, last night we were riding in the car and Allie burped after drinking a lot of Hi-C. She then said, "I made funny noise like Pa." Anywho, thought you would enjoy that Dad. Allie thinks very fondly of your funny noises!

On another note, we are definitely making progress in Allie's potty training. She pee peed twice yesterday and poo pooed in her potty today. If I can just bottle up my frustration, I think we will continue on the road to success!

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