Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're Back

We took another wonderful trip to Florida and had a blast! It is always so good to see my family. Allie is finally remembering everyone a little bit sooner so she doesn't act so stand offish. She had a ball with all of her cousins and ofcourse was spoiled rotten while we were there by her Ninny and Pa. I have decided that I could never leave her with those two for any length of time because it would take me two days to "despoil" her.
Allie has just grown up so fast in the past few weeks. She is talking our heads off and getting cuter by the minute. We went to the beach while we were in Florida and she loved the "big water." I am so thankful that she is not scared to death of the water because it is so fun to see her squeal and splash and have herself of good ole time. I think the cutest thing she said while we were down happened while she was looking at my belly. It has grown a lot in the last few weeks so my belly button is a complete outie. She lifted up my shirt to "talk" to Joshua and saw my belly button. She said, "mommy, what happened to Joshua?" It is then that I realized she thinks that my growing belly is Joshua. She has no idea that there is a real baby in there that is going to rock her little world in just a few months.
Michael and I celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday. I am amazed everyday at how wonderful the Lord has been to us in our marriage. To this day, we have never had a fight, yelled at each other or said anything that the other regrets. I know that that comes from the Lord, and from the sweet nature of my precious husband. I treasure our marriage so much. I truly believe that I am married to the most wonderful man alive and sometimes I just have to pinch myself to remind me that our love for one another that goes so incredibly deep is for real!
Well, my little punkin head just woke up so I need to snuggle with her for a few minutes. Hope that all who reads this blog is doing well!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And the Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

So, my sonogram was today. It went really well. The baby seems to be developing perfectly. He is actually measuring about a week ahead of schedule. That's right, I said HE!!!! I am having a son. I can't believe it. He was moving around so good in my tummy, and he left nothing to the imagination when it came to revealing what sex he is!! Ofcourse it was a huge relief to hear the words, "everything looks great and is developing perfectly normal" come out of the doctors mouth! We are just absolutely elated and Michael is on cloud ten. He surpassed cloud nine!
Allie is already saying Joshua and can't wait to see her little brother!!! Please pray that my pregnancy will continue to proceed with ease and that Joshua and I will be strong and healthy after delivery!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Can't Wait

Wednesday is the big day. The day we find out first of all about the health and well being of our precious little baby #2. It is kind of taken for granted that you will hear the news that your baby is healthy and developing right on track. I have had a reality check in recent months though that this is not always the case. So I pray pray pray that my baby is healthy and strong and developing as it should. But ofcourse Wednesday is also the day that we will FINALLY know wether we have a Sarah or Joshua on our hands. I have been feeling the baby move so much more now so I am getting to the most joyful part of pregnancy. All of the aches and pains and fatigue amount to nothing when you feel that precious little being jiggling your insides!!! I am so ready to quit calling the baby "it" or "he/she." I am so ready to know. I am so ready to say, "good morning Joshua," or "good morning Sarah." I have a hunch that it is a girl despite the differences in this pregnancy, but hunches really don't amount to anything so I could very well be dead wrong. Either way, I will be ELATED by the news and I can't wait to hear the, "it's a ...." anouncement!!!!