Wednesday, April 9, 2008

And the Moment You've All Been Waiting For...

So, my sonogram was today. It went really well. The baby seems to be developing perfectly. He is actually measuring about a week ahead of schedule. That's right, I said HE!!!! I am having a son. I can't believe it. He was moving around so good in my tummy, and he left nothing to the imagination when it came to revealing what sex he is!! Ofcourse it was a huge relief to hear the words, "everything looks great and is developing perfectly normal" come out of the doctors mouth! We are just absolutely elated and Michael is on cloud ten. He surpassed cloud nine!
Allie is already saying Joshua and can't wait to see her little brother!!! Please pray that my pregnancy will continue to proceed with ease and that Joshua and I will be strong and healthy after delivery!


Dianne said...

Congratulations, Dana, Michael AND Allie (a.k.a. Big Sister)!

What wonderful news...not just of the gender...but, his gender AND the statement that he is well.

You are all in our prayers daily and we'll now get to add "Josh" to those prayers.

I'm so happy for you, for EVERYbody to whom this little boy will be a Divine gift.

Love you all TERRIBLE!


amber said...

Oh Dana! I have chill bumps...seriously!! I am so excited for you and Michael and Allie. A little sweet! Now I can't wait to meet him.