Monday, January 28, 2008

My Gaurdian Angels

Michael and I were discussing wether or not each person had a gaurdian angel. My initial thought was no, but that God does put his angels in our lives when we need them. Then I got to thinking about the most difficult time in my life, when I went through a bout of anxiety. If you have never experienced, I hope to God you never do. If you have, then you know that it is a horrible experience. Through my anxiety, God used people to nurse me back to health. These people are my gaurdian angels. To my mother and father who literally nursed me back to health and held my hand in support, you are my gaurdian angels. To my sisters and brothers who only gave me words of encouragement, you were my gaurdian angels. To my friends, Amber and Amanda who literally conspired together on how to make me better, and who I am sure offered up many prayers on my behalf, you were my gaurdian angels. Amanda actually shed tears on my behalf because she wanted me to be ok, now that is an angel. To Becky who prayed relentlessly because she knows what anxiety is, you are my gaurdian angel. And ofcourse to my church family who knows of the situation I was in and prayed for my wellbeing, you are my gaurdian angels. Alliebug, whose little smile seemed to make everything ok, you are my gaurdian angel. And last but not least, my precious husband Michael, who never gave up on me, never met me with words of discouragement, never looked at me like I was crazy, and promised me that I would be ok, you are my gaurdian angel. Gaurdian angels do not have to be celestial beings. They are sometimes simply God's people doing God's work. None of these people I am sure have ever thought of themselves as my angels, but God put you in my life for a reason, and you have all truly helped me through some difficult times. I love you all so much and am so thankful for the roles that each of you play in my life.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still no pictures!

I might have to break down and buy a new camera. I think that Allie has dropped it a few too many times! We are doing well though. Allie is talking more and more now. She is promised M&M's if she sleeps in HER bed for naptime. When she lays down she says, "wate up, det M&M." She walks around proclaiming things like, "Mommy's tup (cup), Baby's tup," and "dus (just) like mommy tee (see)." I am just amazed at how much she is talking now! I love it! She loves to say "poo poo in potty," even though she does not yet. She pretends though. Unfortunately, she also pretends that she is throwing up in her potty since she sees mommy doing that. I cannot wait until I get over this first trimester!!!! I feel like the TV is raising Allie and my number one goal of the day is to try to be as unnauseated (is that a word?) as possible! I cannot wait to get back to the mommy and wife that I want to be. I have been told by several fellow sufferers of pregnancy woes that it really does go away after the first trimester. HALLELUJIAH! Until then, thank God for Dora and Diego! Well, hopefully before long I will have pictures on here. I have some pretty good ones to post!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hello Everyone

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. My stinkin camera won't upload pictures onto my computer, and I know that is what everyone wants to see, so I just haven't posted. Still haven't figured out the problem though, so I decided to let everyone know that I do plan to continue to post as soon as my camera stops acting up! We are supposed to get SNOW here today, so hopefully I will be putting pictures of Alliebug playing in snow for the first time. It snowed for about 45 minutes the other day and she just looked out the window in amazement and repeated after me, "it nowin." The next morning she lifted the blinds and said, "look mommy, it nowin." It was only raining, but now everything that falls out of the sky is known as snow around here.

I am still pretty puny, but thankful that I am having a healthy pregnancy. I can now relate to all of the mom's to be out there who have suffered from the nagging nausea of pregnancy. I thought that I would be apprehensive about a csection but I say, BRING IT ON!!! Anywho, I will leave you with some more pictures of our Florida trip so not to leave you empty handed.

Amber, you always ask about Adam and Forrest. Alot different from the little boys you saw last huh? I must say I think my brothers are extremely handsome! Adam is above and Forrest is below.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm Back

Good morning everyone. I know I know, I haven't blogged for a while. I was in Florida for three weeks over the Christmas holidays, and while there I found out that God is adding to our precious little family, so let's just say that I have had zero amount of energy for the last month. I just don't remember being this tired when I was expecting Allie, but I am sure I was! Anywho, I have been blessed to see my new little bundle of joy twice via ultrasound, and it is just as amazing as when we saw our little Allie bug. I am eight weeks tomorrow, and everything looks wonderful. Praise the Lord!! I went last week and was going to post of the wonderful news, but started experiencing a little bit of bleeding. So, I went yesterday to be sure that everything was fine, and the baby is growing just as he/she is supposed to and the little heart is just a beating. The doctor reassured me that everything is fine and not to worry about the bleeding, it is just normal for me. I did it with Allie but it is still unerving!! So anyway, I am shouting from the rooftops that God has blessed us with another little bundle of joy, and I cannot wait to welcome my precious little baby into the world! I did tell the doctor that I am giving the baby it's first spanking! I haven't felt all that well, but I will take it to have a precious little child! I will be having a c-section in the middle of August if all goes well. My sister Kelly is also expecting around the end of August. How awesome is that. We may have kissing cousins on our hands! Please pray for me and Baby #2!

Allie is doing wonderfully. She has such a wonderful Christmas, and is growing so much in every aspect of her life! I just love how she is talking and singing and running and just everything else. She is such a good little girl and I love her more every day!

I will end with some pictures of our trip to Florida. I promise to blog more in the future!
Allie still loves her Pa!! When he came in the room she was in his lap!

My mom has all of the characters from Rudolph, and Allie LOVED them, obviously! She learned all of the songs they sing before we left.

All of my parent's grandchildren. Lord willing two more will be adding before the year is over!

The little rascals. Let's just say they had a lot of fun playing with each other!