Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hello Everyone

Sorry I haven't posted in the last few days. My stinkin camera won't upload pictures onto my computer, and I know that is what everyone wants to see, so I just haven't posted. Still haven't figured out the problem though, so I decided to let everyone know that I do plan to continue to post as soon as my camera stops acting up! We are supposed to get SNOW here today, so hopefully I will be putting pictures of Alliebug playing in snow for the first time. It snowed for about 45 minutes the other day and she just looked out the window in amazement and repeated after me, "it nowin." The next morning she lifted the blinds and said, "look mommy, it nowin." It was only raining, but now everything that falls out of the sky is known as snow around here.

I am still pretty puny, but thankful that I am having a healthy pregnancy. I can now relate to all of the mom's to be out there who have suffered from the nagging nausea of pregnancy. I thought that I would be apprehensive about a csection but I say, BRING IT ON!!! Anywho, I will leave you with some more pictures of our Florida trip so not to leave you empty handed.

Amber, you always ask about Adam and Forrest. Alot different from the little boys you saw last huh? I must say I think my brothers are extremely handsome! Adam is above and Forrest is below.

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Amanda said...

Are you sure its the camera that is acting up....... :)