Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Still no pictures!

I might have to break down and buy a new camera. I think that Allie has dropped it a few too many times! We are doing well though. Allie is talking more and more now. She is promised M&M's if she sleeps in HER bed for naptime. When she lays down she says, "wate up, det M&M." She walks around proclaiming things like, "Mommy's tup (cup), Baby's tup," and "dus (just) like mommy tee (see)." I am just amazed at how much she is talking now! I love it! She loves to say "poo poo in potty," even though she does not yet. She pretends though. Unfortunately, she also pretends that she is throwing up in her potty since she sees mommy doing that. I cannot wait until I get over this first trimester!!!! I feel like the TV is raising Allie and my number one goal of the day is to try to be as unnauseated (is that a word?) as possible! I cannot wait to get back to the mommy and wife that I want to be. I have been told by several fellow sufferers of pregnancy woes that it really does go away after the first trimester. HALLELUJIAH! Until then, thank God for Dora and Diego! Well, hopefully before long I will have pictures on here. I have some pretty good ones to post!

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Dianne said...

Hey, L'il Mama,

First off, lest I forget, what is Dora & Diego? My nausea aids were Saltines and Water...first thing.

And, Dana, it will pass after the first three months. I had ONE sister-in-law who stayed nauseated the WHOLE time. She actually LOST weight while she was pregnant if you can believe that. She was 20 pounds less when she delivered. The baby was healthy and still is but she was sure sick. She only had ONE more child because of that problem.

It is so amazing when our "babies" begin to talk and be able to TELL us what's going on instead of us having to run through every symptom for every disease known to man in attempts to make them feel better without having a clue what's wrong. And, their first attempts are SO precious.

Hope you'll figure out what ails your camera. Love to SEE you all at home and at play.

Was it Allie's birthday song I was hearing as we left church Sunday? I see one pic of Michael helping Allie open a gift. That was my first clue.

Well, I'm at work and got things I must do if I want to keep eating and buying gas.

Hope your day is GUT and may God continue to bless you and your little family and if Dora and Diego stop working, consider Saltines and Water.

Love you all terrible,