Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Itty Bitty Alliebug

Allie had a well check up a couple of days ago. She is twenty five months old. I CAN'T believe that! The doctor was very pleased with her progress. She seemed surprised when I told her all of the things Allie is doing now. She said she is doing very well in all aspects of her development. PRAISE THE LORD. We take things for granted that all is well and is always going to be well which seems to make us forget how awesome God is in keeping us healthy. Allie's stats are as follows:
33 inches tall: 25th percentile
24 pnds 14 oz: 25th percentile
Which confirms what I already knew. My little Alliebug is little bitty. She could easily pass for 18 months but talks like a three year old. I love it.
The other day Allie proclaimed the part of the living room that holds all of her toys as, "baby's house." She refers to herself as baby which is just precious to me. She shuts her "door" which is her little foam sitting chair and tells me when I can come in. She holds her babies and when they "cry" she tells them, " oh, it's ok. I've got you," and rocks them back and forth. I can't believe how growny she is becoming. I love the person she is growing into!
Joshua and I have an appointment today. I am dreading my weight check. It can't be good after those two eating fest weeks that I spent in Florida. O well. At least Joshua is getting plenty to eat right?

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