Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Doctor's Appt

I had a routine visit today for me and my little Joshua. Everything seems to be going great. He is growing at a steady rate, AND SO AM I!! I have already gained 30 pounds. 30 pounds!!! And I have been eating really really good lately too. I am talking carrot sticks and wheat thins for a snack people! Oh well. I lost it really quickly with Allie so hopefully I will loose it pretty quick this time as well. Usually with nursing it is a bit easier so hopefully my little buger will be a nursing champ like Allie was.
We have been watching old videos of Allie over and over and over because she loves seeing them, and so do I. It has made me so excited to have my little man. Don't get me wrong. I love Allie more than ever and every stage just seems to be more and more fun with her, but I miss my baby. It really won't be that much longer!
Michael has now been off for two days of his summer break and it has been WONDERFUL!!! I love that man so the more time I can spend with him the better, and he seems so happy. I don't think that children realize how much their teachers look forward to the summer break too.
Allie is doing awesome today in potty training. We went to town this morning and she actually held her pee pee til we made it home! She also did #2 in there last night and in the morning. I know this is all a little too much info for most of you but if you knew what it meant to me you would understand why I feel the need to share!!!

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Dianne said...

Hey, Dana,

Don't apologize about your celebrating Allie's "Potty" leavings. ANY mother will appreciate the desire to call the newspaper or Channel 13 when a child finally begins to "get" it.

Glad everything is fine with Joshua. It's kind'a "kewl" isn't it, to be able to address the unborn baby by its' name instead of referring to it as "the baby"?

The wonders of modern technology. To think, just a couple decades ago, families had to wait till the baby was born to know what colors to do the nursery in.

Love you, glad you're all having a gut day.

Dianne (-: