Monday, June 16, 2008

This Just In

Today was going wonderfully. My house was CLEANED and groceries were purchased by noon today. We sat down to a family lunch. Then, my doctor's office calls. Low and behold, I have gestational diabetes! Me with gestational diabetes!!! I was so upset when I got off the phone. It is a very mild case but still you never want to hear that there is a problem during your pregnancy. I cried, cried some more. Michael held me and told me everything would be just fine. I called my Mama which helped a little. I cried a little bit more. Then the lady from the diabetes class that I have to go to tomorrow called and she sounded so reassuring. With diet and exercise me and my baby will be just fine. I still need a little pick me up though so I think I have talked Michael into going to get a camera today. He hates to see me cry, what can I say! Please just pray for me and my little precious Joshua that all will be well and that I will be able to control my diabetes with diet and exercise. I know that I bow to an all wise all knowing God and I fully trust that He holds my life and Joshua's life in the palm of His hand. I also trust that He will answer prayer and deliver Joshua and I safely on schedule!!


Dianne said...

Hey, Sis Dana,

If it helps, I had it, too. After I delivered, though, it was never present again. It's just the stress of the pregnancy causing all these remarkable changes in your body.

I only used diet to alter the course of mine. I pray that's all you'll need, too.

L'il Josh must be a SWEET baby!

Love you'ns,

Dianne (-:

Amanda said...

Sorry Dana, I know that was a tough thing to have to hear. Amber Mozingo had it with her first baby and she did fine thru it and everything turned out okay in the end! God will take care of the two of you and I will pray that He will give you peace and comfort! Love you dearly.