Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not So Bad

Well, I have been educated. I (along with my sweet and precious husband) were educated yesterday during a three hour gestational diabetes class. Michael was the only husband there, but that didn't seem to bother him. He was set on going to support me through this even though yesterday was his birthday. Gosh I love that man! Anywho, the class was very educational and it eased all of my worries about this little disease that I have. As long as I do what I am supposed to Joshua and I will be just fine. They put me on a meal plan and educated us about all of the foods we eat. I already feel better after eating so much better and my bloodsugar has been well in the normal range each time I have checked it, PRAISE THE LORD!! I am trying to look at the good of all of this. It has made me eat much healthier, exercise and I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! Yes, my little teary eyelashes batted in the face of my husband worked. We were planning on getting a camera anyway, but I am glad that I have it now!!
Allie is fully potty trained! I call her my potty queen and she just loves that! I have a few pictures taken on our new camera but it is so hard to get a good picture of a two year old!! Anyway, these are the ones we have so far:)
Say Cheese Mommy!

Do I really look like I want my picture taken! Remember, the camera adds ten pounds!!

Beautiful blue eyes and her fake smile!

He would kill me three times if he knew I put this on here. Allie and her Daddy!

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