Friday, June 27, 2008

St. Petersburg, here we come!

I am so excited. Our little family is headed south to St. Petersburg for the week on Sunday! We will be joining my parents and sister and her family for a week long vacation that is much needed! My sister is expecting too and is due just two days before me so I will not feel like the only beached whale there! We LOVE the beach. Michael turns into a little boy who has seen the ocean for the first time every time we go and Allie is astounded by "the big water." I am just looking forward to lounging by the pool and soaking in a few rays (I said a few all of you worriers out there, I don't plan to bake Joshua!) and dream of my very busy days approaching. So anyway, I will not be posting for about a week but don't give up on me. I promise to post in the near future with plenty of beautiful beach pictures. We were hoping that our dear friend Amber would be able to take Allie's Two Year pictures ( I know we are a little behind seeing that Allie turned two in March) but our schedules just can't seem to get on the same page so Michael and I are going to attempt taking her pictures on the beach. I hope they turn out good. Well anywho, I hope you all have a wonderful week at work or home while I am sunbathing, playing with Allie in the pool, and taking evening strolls arm n arm with my handsome husband on the beach!


the ladner family said...

Hope ya'll have fun! Take it from me that you won't be lounging anymore in a few weeks!

Dianne said...


I am so green! I'm one of those that will be at work imagining being at the beach. But, our "time" is coming. We're supposed to go to St. George's for a week in early July. YES!!!

I can't wait to see the pics of Allie in the surf. What a wonderful experience for a little person.

And, enjoy the the time the "chirren" are grown and you have TIME to lounge again, you'll not have the patience.

Will see you in person a cou'pla more times but here I'll wish you a wonderful beachy time. Sand, Surf, Sun...seafood.

Dianne (-: