Friday, June 6, 2008

O Praise Him!!

Allie and I went on a morning walk today. It was already warm, but the birds were still singing beautifully and there was a slight breeze to make it pleasant. We saw squirrels chasing eachother and roses that would make anyone stand in awe. As we were walking I proceeded with our normal conversation that we have on our walks. "Allie, do you hear the birdies singing?" Usually this is followed by, "tweet tweet tweet." However, this morning her response to my question was, "they are singing O Praise Him." Wow. It still brings tears to my eyes. I can teach Allie Bible songs and the concept of Jesus being her Savior and that God is watching over us in Heaven, but I could never teach her that even nature itself cries out in praises to Him on a daily basis. This was placed in her heart by the Lord Almighty Himself. For the next few minutes I meditated in praise to my King that He has written His laws on the table of my little two year old's heart. Praise you Lord for your mercies!


Dianne said...

Makes my eyes "leak", too, that one so small in years, can already be an instrument of Gods' peace and love.

And, I know that to be true. I spent my "childrearing" years in a blur and didn't have time for those early morning walks with my children but oh, how, I appreciate knowing Mommies that do. God is SO evident in the very air, flora, and in His people.

Loved your tho'ts this morning. Love YOU.

Dianne (-:

Amanda said...

Oh Dana that is just precious! Wish I could have been there to hear her myself! Glad to know everything is going so well for you and I had to blink my eyes when I saw the baby ticker with 28 weeks on it! I know y'all are gettin soooo excited! Love you!