Monday, June 23, 2008

Precious Moments

I know that everyone thinks that their child is the most precious one in the world. I guess that is how it is supposed to be. However, I really do believe that I have the most precious child on the universe. Everyone that Allie knows thinks she is extra special, and I really believe she is. I can already see the grace of God working in her life, and it amazes me every day just how sweet she is. I was taking a nap with her the other day ( I kind of miss laying beside her everyday) and she put her little hands on my face and rubbed my arm and said, (it's ok, baby right here, you don't have to be scared.) Now how precious is that. She has developed a little stutter that just breaks my heart but at the same time makes me think she is even cuter than before. She will try to say something and can't get the words out and just give up and say, "I can't talk." She still loves to sing. Her new favorite song is "He's got the whole world in His hands." I think she get's prettier and prettier every day, and I thank God every day for the blessing of being this precious child's mother!

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Dianne said...

What an amazing child! She's beautiful and so smart. Loved her rendition of He's Got The Whole World...

I don't think it's JUST 'cause she's YOUR little girl, either. I think she's incredible.

Sis Dianne (-: