Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Growing!

I had a Doctor's appointment today. They checked the usual. My blood pressure and weight (for once I didn't cringe at the results, I haven't gained anything since my last visit!) and Joshua's heartbeat and growth. Everything is right on track. He measures right at 31 weeks which I will be tomorrow, and his heart is nice and strong! The doctor was very pleased with my blood sugar numbers and told me he really doesn't think I have anything to worry about, just keep up the diet and exercise and me and Joshua will be just fine! It is always nice to have a normal visit. He said a nurse would be calling me in the next few days to set up my c-section date. I will finally know exactly what day I will get to hold this precious little boy! I really only have about seven weeks to go which doesn't sound like a long time at all! It seems like yesterday that I was griping about having three months left!

I will leave you with a picture of Allie eating a piece of cake. Oh how my mouth waters at the sight of cake. Anywho, this is the life isn't it...

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