Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Big Boy


Dianne said...

Hey, Little Sister, So glad to have this "warmer upper" on this cold day.

Wow! How fast Joshua is growing and GOING in that exer-saucer!

Allie seems to be such a doting Big Sister. They should have a wonderful friendship being spaced apart by a few years.

Glad to see the update...I was about to write you and tell you that your posting Four Months Old was about that old! lol

Know you're busy. Thankful for the posts and getting to keep up with the babies between church sightings.

Amanda said...

Too cute! Him and Allie are gonna be just like Hannah and Matthew so you better watch out! I know you hear this all the time but I am still so amazed how much he looks like your dad and brothers!!

Jessica Michelle ♥ said...

No we didn't catch the bug. I was sorry you had to leave too, but I understand. Still, it was sooooo great to see you guys again! I enjoyed the family time :)
I'm glad Joshua's outfit fit him...I got one for a 3 month old and hoped it would fit because they didn't have any bigger ones and then FINALLY found the right size but I wanted "that" outfit cause it made me giggle. I sent you guys a card for Christmas but it got sent back in case you were wondering why everybody else got one and you didn't. I'll send again soon. Do you have an email address??

O and I love the video by the way!