Friday, April 24, 2009

Just Pictures:)


Amanda said...

Oh for crying out loud it's about time!! Okay, Allie gets more and more beautiful every single day and even though Joshua still has Sumner written all over him, I saw alot of Adam Hataway in those pictures! He is too cute and what's the deal with your babies have such scruptiously fat legs!!

Kathy U said...

Just pictures -- is just fine -- we love to see the little ones and I'm sure the family loves it too!
Sis Kathy

Dianne said...

I second what Amanda her first sentence.

I SEE them every week and it STILL seems they grow 'up' more each time I see them. Joshua's smile just crunches my heart into spasms and Allie is the SWEETEST little child. Hearing her say my name yesterday also sent charges through my heart.

Beautiful children, wonderful parents, awesome God.