Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome to our New Home

Our new blog home that is. It has been forever since I have blogged, so I thought what the heck, let's get off to a clean start with a new blog! So anywho..has anyone ever told you that toddlers are totally unpredictable; change every day; and are extremely hard to raise! Wow! I am loving every minute with Allie these days because she is just so interested in every little thing. She is talking more and more and she has developed the cutest little attitude that if it was any other child I would think, "man she needs a good spankin'" but because it is Allie it is just too stinkin' cute. She has developed this little scowering look that just cracks me up every time she gives it to me! Oh, and of course she is little miss independent. She thinks she can do everything absolutely by herself. But at naptime she wants Mommy to lay be her until she goes to sleep, which just steals my heart everyday because I know that in about ten years I won't even be allowed in her room! God gaves mothers (and wives if you have a husband like Michael :) ) the best gift in the world, and I am so honored that he bestowed this gift on me. I will leave you with pictures of Alliebug brushing her teeth. Her newest feat that she things she can totally accomplish by herself.
And these were at the zoo a couple of months ago. She and her cousin Luke had a ball. Everytime a fish would zoom by them, they would try to catch it!


little mama said...

thank you thank you thank you!!
for the pictures that is! Allie os growing up so fast. I miss her so much. keep them coming. it was great to talk to you today. love you all so much.

Dianne said...

Gorgeous page, Dana. I feel almost like a peeping Tom-mie! Being able to see the inside of your life without actually being physically present.

But, what a GUT time it is to wander by and see Allie's shenanigans.

About the cable: I know we'd all be better off if there was never another t.v. sold. My Mama used to say she wished EVERYbody would take their televisions outside and set fire to them. She never owned a television and detested them.

I raised my children in front of a set. Charles and I still eat most meals in front of one.

If you'll burn yours, I'll burn mine. lol

Love you all, thanks for your work here. Good JOB!