Thursday, February 7, 2008

Childhood Games

Today I have my nephew James with me. I have been enjoying watching Allie and him play so much. So far, they have colored on everything but paper, played hide n go seek, pretended they were puppy dogs, and chased each other all around the house. They are completely out of breath and having the time of their lives! Not the mention they had a lunch that is a favorite for all kids, the all american hotdog! As I watch them, I am reminded of playing with my cousins and how much fun and innocent youth is. So what if my house is turned upside down. So what if the noise is so loud the neighbors three houses down can hear. So what if Allie is learning a few bad habits like squeeling as loud as she possibly can. Today, they are just being kids. Who needs TV on a day like today. As I watch them, I grow more and more excited that Allie will soon be a big sister, and she will be teaching our precious little one the ins and outs of being a kid, a true, carefree, bonified kid!

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