Friday, October 3, 2008

Sweet Moments

I set up Joshua's mobile on his changing table and he loves it. I couldn't find all of the teddy bears that originally went on it but it turned out to be a good thing because the frog and duck that are on there are big hits!
Allie and I enjoyed the fall morning (it was 47 yesterday and 51 this morning!) and played a little ball. Yes, you will hear me doing a very poor job of holding in my snickers on the video you are about the watch. Let's just say I don't think she would be the first one picked for a t-ball team.


Sis. Gail from Camp Creek said...

Dana, that is such a wonderful video you made. Your little Joshua is so adorable, and he is starting to look like you to me. Little Allie is also precious, but yeah, maybe we need to see about getting her some batting lessons. I laughed as much at it as you did. Your laughter made me laugh. You are a wonderful mother to your sweet little children, and I love to read your blogsite. Thank you for sharing. Love, Sis. Gail

Amanda said...

Joshua is so sweet! James had that exact same outfit when he was a little baby.
I couldn't help but laugh at Allie, that was too cute! Looks like there is atleast one thing she did not get from you, softball skills!!