Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Much to Say!

It is the world's worst blogger once again! So much to say and not enough time to say it so I will make it super short!
1.) We have our precious new bundle. Emily Rebecca Hataway was born on May 9th and is an absolute treasure! She steals my heart just about every day and I could eat her with a spoon! Allie and Joshua love her so much and have adjusted well to our little addition.

2) I am homeschooling Allie this year. It is going wonderfully so far and she seems to really enjoy it. We are using the Abeka program and she is already reading one vowel words and is doing great in all of her other subjects too:)

3.) Joshua turned three and is 100% boy! That is until Allie dresses him up as Cinderella. I have to say he makes a pretty princess! He is a little goofball. Michael and Joshua have become such good buddies and I love seeing him want to be just like Daddy. Just this morning he took his bible in the room with Michael to "study."

I leave you with pictures and hope to post soon!


Amanda said...

I have so much to say:
1. Love, love, love Allie Bug’s hair!!
2. Could Joshua look any more like a Sumner?
3. Emily is A-dorable!!!! Love the head band. I need to get Olivia some so people will stop asking if she’s a boy!
4. I hope you will keep it up at least a few times a month. it was nice to see the kids and how much they have stinkin grown!
5. I miss you.

His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Awww! The kids are beautiful! Congratulations again on your newest addition!