Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is Elmo and Uniqua attending school! I love it. Allie will start dance tonight so that she can make for real friends bless her heart!

Yesterday was so much fun. You know you've have a good day when everyone from the 4 month old to the 30 year old is is covered in glitter and finger paints! I brought the kids to our neighborhood track yesterday to let them ride their bikes and they had a blast. Emily enjoyed our little walk too. She drifted off to sleep in no time amidst the screams of excitement from my other two yahoos!

Allie found her a hill to roll down and it reverted me back to my childhood when hard prickly grass was no match for me. And, my little angel has her first loose tooth! I think I am going to glue it back in when it comes out bc she is just not old enough to lose a tooth yet! She also fed Emily bear cereal last night and was such the little mama. She loves her some Emily!

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Amanda said...

3 blog posts in less than a week??? You rock.
BTW, love the floor in the kitchen!!