Friday, December 7, 2007


I would have thought that Allie was a little small for Barbie just yet. However, she absolutely LOVES her. We were in Wal-Mart today and to give my tired arms a break, I put her in the buggy and handed her this little Barbie Bubbles bottle and you would have thought that I had given her the world. All day she treated this little Barbie like she was her very best friend. When I gave her something to eat, she would give it to Barbie. When she colored, she tried her very best to get Barbie to color too. She gave her about a million kisses. When I first picked up the Barbie bubbles I thought, "four dollars, that is rediculous for a half an ounce of bubblebath!" But seeing Allie today with this little Barbie, I think I would have paid ten! Now the trick is going to be taking it from her to put it up for Christmas because a $4 bottle of bubblebath definitely calls for a special occasion!!!

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