Monday, December 10, 2007

I Love You Jesus

We had a wonderful weekend. Started it off on Saturday with a cookie day. My wonderful sister in law and her three little boys came over and we had such a good time. Note to self though, never ever ever, under any circumstances, let your child eat sprinkles BEFORE a nap. Allie was such keyed up on sugar she couldn't get settled down to go to sleep!

Then of course there was church on Sunday, which is always wonderful. We have added a Sunday night prayer/singing service which has turned out to be very special. There are only a handful of us there, but we have such a wonderful opportunity to fellowship and just love one another. I just don't think anything brings you closer together than praying together! And now here we are and it is Monday! I have been trying to teach Allie about Jesus, because if she can love Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, and Elmo with all of her heart than she can love Jesus right? O how I love Jesus gets called out just about every Sunday, so Allie has picked up on the words. It is the sweetest thing, and I have captured a little bit of it on video. The Christmas pajamas are compliments of Aunt Beck, Uncle Dave, and the boys. Thanks guys! I could have just eaten her last night when I put these on her!


Dianne said...

Oh, how SWEET, Dana. She's a gorgeous little child and to hear her first attempts to sing praise, well, it just crunches my heart bigtime and that's a GUT thing.

The cookie day sounds fun. I had one, too, at my house. George and Brandi helped. I am trying to get a box of homemade goodies ready to send my "baby" Nick in Utah. He's anxiously awaiting its' arrival.

Loved being with you all Sunday, for MOST of the day. The Sunday evening fellowship is just what the doctor ordered. I took that Spirit away with me, hugging it close, so it would never go away from me. Sweet radiations from the hearts a'glow in "one accord".

Love you. Thank you for letting me "peep" at Allie and her developing moments.


amber said...

Oh, that is the most precious thing ever!! So sweet!

little mama said...

I luv you guys. The cookie day remids me of last year when we had "ours" Hope ya'lls cookies turned out better than ours did! What were thinking contemplating starting our own catering business?!!!!! Hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. Can't wait to see all of you! Manda