Monday, December 3, 2007

How I know God looks after me!

I will start with the funny story. I was in Wal-Mart (my best friend and Michael's worst enemy :) ) and I was through at check out but had to use the potty. I asked the clerk if I could leave my buggy there and go use the potty. In my hurriend frenzy, my crazy self walked right into the men's restroom. I looked around and thought, "hmm this looks different from the last time I was in here, and why did they take out the other stalls?" I proceeded to go into the handicap stall but found the toilet less than desirable and when I turned around I saw them, THE URINALS. Thank God that the toilet I wanted to use was nasty! If I had went on and gone, I am almost sure that I would have walked out to a man using the bathroom!! I hurried the heck out of there and went to the ladies restroom. All the while thanking my sweet Jesus that I did not see another man doing his business. That would have been horrible!!!

On a more serious note. Allie has a tendency to tell on herself. She will come up to me saying "nooo nooo" pointing to the direction of where the "nooo nooo" occurred. Well, Saturday morning she came with that little look and her exclamation of nooo nooo. When she got to me, I realized that she has spilled coffee all over herself. Michael had left his coffee cup on the computer desk and she decided she wanted to taste it. The first thing I did was hug her and praise the Lord that the coffee was no longer hot. Then ofcourse I marched her to the coffee cup now on the floor and gave her a good reason never to touch a coffee cup again! I want her to be scared to death of ever touching a coffee cup again. Just when you think that they no longer have the urge to take things that they aren't supposed to, they prove you wrong!!! In all seriousness, Allie could have really been hurt so I know that God and His angels protected her from being burned.

Now, I will leave you with pictures, ofcourse, of Alliebug. This was at MiMi's house. It was so cold and windy out so we found a hat probably intended for a six month old and squeezed it on Allie's big head!

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Dianne said...

Hey, Fav Folks,

I'm with you. If it were perfectly stated, it wouldn't be nearly as sweetly received.

She's a doll, Dana. And, it won't be long 'fore her words will ALL be understood...sometimes you might wish they weren't. lol

I did the "boys" bathroom once when I was in the 7th grade at a Halloween Carnival at our elementary school. I still flush with recall. A group of boys came in while I was in the stall and I was crimson...thankfully, they didn't look under the stall. I was just very noncommunicative. When they left, I 'bout broke the door down trying to get outtathere!

Allie looks so sweet in the little knitted cap and sweater...well, Allie looks sweet in ANYthing. And, so does her Mommy.

Love you,

Dianne (-: