Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wow what a month!

I have never had the flu. Never in my life. So when this horrible thing plagued me about two weeks ago I seriously thought, "this could be it." It was aweful. Ofcourse I worried about my little baby inside of me, and my two babies outside of me catching this horrible thing that I had. I went to the doctor and was first diagnosed with a throat and ear infection, which I did indeed have. It was not until the next day when we took our sick little Alliebug to the doctor that we discovered that she had the flu, so that must be what I had. Then ofcourse Michael got it. So for two weeks we were all kind of under the weather. I never ever ever want that stuff in my house again!
Our Alliebug turned the big 2 last Friday. I can't believe it. I really could just cry at how big she has gotten. We got her a Barbie Beetle car and she absolutely loves it!! I will be getting a lot of sun this summer. That's for sure!
Our Hataway #2 is doing great. Just went to the doctor today and heard its little heartbeat. The nurse had to chase it all around my tummy because he/she was trying to get away from the utensil they use to hear the heartbeat. Range was in the 150's. We will find out what this little buger is in two weeks exactly and I CAN'T WAIT! I really think I will be just as excited either way like I was with Allie. I have no motherly inclinations at all. Only that this pregnancy has been much different, but I have heard that that doesn't matter.
I have been asked "the question" of when I am due a lot lately. When I tell them the middle of August my belly is mysteriously looked at and I am responded with a simple, "oh." I am so short that my belly has no where to go but out. I love that I show so early though. People thought I was going to pop with Allie two months before she was born and she hung in there!!!
Well, I will try to keep you updated more often on everything. And I promise pictures are coming soon.


Amanda said...

Ugh....I can't believe I missed her birthday. I thought about it the other day and I guess I thought I had more time.....when I thought about how old she was gonna be, I had to stop and scratch my head because I thought "surely she can't be 2 already" Wow how time flies! I found a picture of me holding her the other day right after she was born and I got all teary eyed.

I had better be on your short list of people to call when you find out what #2 baby is!! I can't wait!!

I just got in (I went to get my hair cut and colored, ooh-la-la!)and got your message. I'll try to call back sometime soon....Love ya

amber said...

I also can't believe that she is already 2. Good grief, time flies!! I can't wait to find out what Hataway child #2 is!!