Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Four Months Old

I cannot believe my little man is four months old. We had his well check-up today and he just hammed it up for the doctor and nurses. He is still right around the 50th percentile in his height and weight. He weighs 14 pnds 9 oz and is 25 1/2 inches tall. His doctor says he is every bit as strong as a six month old and she will not be surprised if he is crawling soon. WHAT!! It seems like I blinked and he is four months old. He can sit in his exersaucer, put himself to sleep, eat rice cereal and applesauce, roll over from tummy to back. It seems like just yesterday he was my helpless little baby who basically slept, ate, and pooped and now he is my little Joshua. My sweet, precious, but doesn't mind to throw a temper tantrum Joshua! I hope I can cherish every moment and praise our awesome God for blessing me with such a precious son!


Dianne said...

Good Morning, Little Sister,

Your words could be echoes of my own words several years ago but what seems to be last week in its' freshness.

There was a song. Can't remember who sang it but it was titled Turn Around, I think. I remember only a few of the lyrics:

"Where have you gone my little boy, little boy. Where have you gone, my sonny, my own.

Turn around you're two. Turn around then you're four.

Turn around, you're a young man going out the door."

I am thankful for my "mothering" experiences and cherish yours.

With much love and appreciation.

Kelly Spezzano said...

What a handsome little man you have there! I cannot believe he is doing all those things at 4 months old... Sounds like you have an advanced little boy on your hands! :)

Amanda said...

You are an encouragement to me too, Dana. I would be very lonely in this life with out you as my friend! And I agree with Kelly on the advancement......the Lord knows that you need to see that your babies are a-okay!!! :)

Jessica Michelle ♥ said...

Hey Dana!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Ian and I are still visiting next weekend I hope you can make it. Anyways I hope you had a wonderful christmas!! bye Jessi

Jessica Michelle ♥ said...

Hey Dana I know I already commented on this...I don't know how to send emails on here so I am leaving another comment :)

I enjoyed our visit. It was so wonderful to see you guys and for all of us (cept jenn) to get together. It was wonderful :)

Ian loved it!


PS tell mike, allie, and joshua I say "hi". O and how did Joshua's outfit fit??