Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Have To Get My Camera!

Don't you just love the instances when you walk into a room and your children have absolutely no idea that they are tugging hard on your heart strings. I had just one of these instances yesterday. I walked out of the livingroom for about one minute and came back in and my two precious children were standing at the couch "reading" their books. Of course right now I use the word "precious" cautiously because Joshua is looking at me screaming his head off. He thinks he has to be held 24/7 these days and it is about to drive me crazy. I end my day thinking, why didn't I get more done than what I did. And then I say, "O yeah, Joshua!" Anyone want a nine month old until he grows out of this seperation anxiety stage???????


Jessica Michelle ♥ said...

Hey Dana! Glad to see you have some new stuff on here! Good to see you're doing well =) I just got some new stuff up as well. love you!

Dianne said...

Aw-w-w-w-w, your photos and words tug at MY heart, Little Sister. These children are just precious... and I can't hear Josh screaming ... lol ... once he starts exploring his world, he'll only think about you when he's tired or hungry. You'll have to coerce him to snuggle. Enjoy your blog, Dana. I check it out about daily. Love you TRUE.