Wednesday, May 20, 2009

They Have No Idea

Why am I able to blog right now. Because my children are in the living room playing, and they have absolutely no idea that Mommy is in Joshua's room on the computer. I give them about one minute to figure it out, come in here and demand my undevided attention. Joshua will be at the chair looking at me screaming. Allie will be saying, "I need you to hold me." And as soon as I turn the computer off, they will be playing peaceably in the living room once more. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? How do they seem to just know when you are trying to do a little something for yourself? Same thing happens when I read my Bible. Michael asked me one time why I didn't read my Bible while they were on the floor playing when I complained about not getting to read my Bible that day. I just looked at him with that look that says, "are you kidding me? Do you really think they are going to leave me alone for two seconds when they know I am into something besides them?" But I will admit that I secretly love how much they need Mommy. A smile comes over me when I here that little pitter patter and crying coming towards me that says, "Mommy, I need you." I love it when Allie just needs me to hold her for no apparent reason. It reaffirms in me that although I make many many many mistakes that I hope they will never remember, they love their mommy. The one thing I want them to know is that Mommy loves them immensely and there is nothing they could do to change that! And to my surprise, they are still playing peaceably in the living room and they are melting my heart and don't even know it!


Dianne said...

Dana, it's just a "center-of-your-attention-jones". They got'ta have it.

With my children, they could be playing in the basement, climbing on their gym set, riding bikes and all was well...until the phone rang and I picked it up and foolishly thought I'd get to have a grown-up conversation! Then, they'd all hone in like moths to a flame, needing me.

But, dang it, I'm still here, but, they're not. Now, I'm clamoring to get THEIR attention. lol

It's all been a tremendous blessing from all points of the spectrum and I wouldn't trade my experiences for all the tea in China.

And, your joy is so obvious in your words. You are a sweetheart and a wonderful Momma.

Kathy U said...

Well said. Cherish each moment your needed, that is what being a mommy is all about. As they grow older that will just need you in a different way.
Sis Kathy