Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quiet is Never Good

I know that when all gets quiet, I must go investigate immediately. Upon one of these investigation, I find my three year old in the midst of all of my nightgowns. She was very proudly wearing one of my silky gowns. At first all I could see was the mess that none other than me had to clean up. Then, I saw my sweet little three year old in her mama's clothes and it melted my heart. So, I let her play dress up and she had a ball.
Then we gave our dog Bear a bath. Poor Bear. Allie decided that his face needed spraying with the water hose more than anything. But, we got him clean and flea free so in the end I know he was a happy dog. It was all in all a great day and I find myself counting my blessings more and more.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Allie is NOT old enough to be playing dress up, is she? Too cute and I loved the look on her face when she is spraying bear!

Joshua better poke that tonuge back in before someone chomps it off!!