Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday is DONE

Yesterday went pretty smoothly considering everything that it entailed! Allie was a little jittery when she had her hair cut, but looks much better now. Thank goodness most of the chunks missing are underneath some hair that was mercifully spared. If I blow dry it, you have to look really close to notice the whack job underneath the fluffy hair.

Joshua was a trooper yesterday. He was hamming it up for all of the nurses and patients showing off his walking ability despite that huge blue cast on his leg. He would fall down, look up, and with a big smile say, "uh-oh." Of course everyone loved that and he knew it. He did not care for the saw that removed his cast at all. Nor did he care for the x-rays that followed. But, I was able to calm him rather quickly and everything looked great on x-ray.
Today however we headed back to the doctor because Joshua had a terrible reaction to mosquito bites. He is actually on an antibiotic by mouth and by application for the next ten days. I am hoping and praying that this is it for a while. I AM TIRED!

Pre cast removal and hair cut!

Allie will be starting school tomorrow and is very excited! Say a little prayer for my brave girl tomorrow, and for Mommy too!!!!

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