Saturday, July 26, 2008


I feel like a reporter who has to bow their head in shame while telling the nation, "I reported false news, I made a mistake." Well folks, I have done just that and so a correction on one of my previous posts must be made. My dear sweet mother called me and told me that she did not say, " you are not a mother until you have two children," but rather, "you are not really a parent until you have two children." There is a BIG difference there. You are most definitely a mother wether you have one or ten, but parenting just becomes a little more difficult as your brood grows. My mom would know, there are six of us. She said she got that off of a Bill Cosby Himself (which is hilarious by the way). He made the comment that parenting doesn't really begin until after two come along and her and my dad got a kick out of that. So anywho, my mom DID NOT SAY that you are not a mother with only one child. In fact, I have a sister with just one daughter and she is an absolutely wonderful mother, but I think she would admit that she did get to skip over a bunch of issues without a sibling around!

Joshua and I are still plugging along. Allie is doing wonderful. She felt Joshua move really good yesterday and she started scratching my belly saying she wanted to get him out. She would hug my stomach and say, "Jo-ua, my baby bwoter." Talk about making your heart melt!! Michael and I had a day to ourselves yesterday and had a wonderful time soaking in the quiet before our little man comes along. We are ready for it though, so ready!


Dianne said...

Hey, Little Mama,

You're getting SO close I'M starting to feel those nesting pangs. And, I'm sure Allie is as anxious as anyone to have a "baby brother" to love.

Enjoy your alone time. It becomes more difficult to arrange as your family increases in number. But, you won't NEVAH pine for those days when it was just you and won't have TIME!

Continuing to lift you up in prayer, Sis Dana, and am anxious to see this little boy when he arrives.

Love you all.

P.S. Does EVERY child have a picture with underwear on their head? lol

Dana said...

Sister Dianne,
The underwear on her head were placed on there by her daddy! He gets a kick out of it and obviously so does she. I tell everyone I am having my third child because Michael is a child himself. I wouldn't have him any other way though, that is for sure!!!
Love you guys too! Hope to see you soon.

Amanda said...

Love the undies!

When Joshua gets old enough we will have to rotate visits during the school year between houses so that we won't forget how to talk to other human beings!

Love y'all!