Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Hello readers. I just thought I would give you an update on our little world around here. Today was Michael's official first day back to work. It has actually been a lot better than what I thought. Allie and I have played played played and stayed busy. We are so thankful for the awesome summer that we have been blessed to share that it hardly seems right to complain that Michael had to go back. It just makes us all look forward to next summer!!
These days Allie enjoys telling me just how big I am. It seems like every time I sit down in a chair or try to squeeze through a tight spot Allie says, "mama too big." People are constantly asking me "wow it's any day now huh?" Instead of saying, "no I have about four weeks left" and getting looked at like I have two heads I just say, "yep, any day now."
These pictures are precious. Allie couldn't wake up the other day and fell back asleep sitting by Michael in his chair.
Allie finally started eating cereal in milk, which makes breakfast time a whole lot easier. She has never really liked it before, but has decided that she now does since I told her that big girls eat their cereal with milk. Now mom, I know what you will be thinking when you see these pictures. "I can't believe she gives that baby Trix cereal. That's just full of sugar." Well, you are right about that, but you have to look at it from my point of view. Trix is packed with vitamins, and extremely educational. With each bite I tell Allie all of the colors that she is eating or ask her what colors they are. So you see, Trix are overall a very good thing!!! And look at that big ole smile on your precious granddaughter's face. Now do you really want me to deprive her of such childhood pleasures?
This however would be the "scowling" look that we have been getting from Allie as of late. I knew the sassiness was coming. I mean, I am the queen of sassiness. Well, let's just say she inherited this lovely trait from me and uses it quite often! I have to turn around and smile sometimes because I see myself so much in her. However, I work on my attitude everyday, thus we are working on Allie's! Overall though, she is really a sweet precious child and we love all of the time we get to spend with her.
I am hoping beyond hope that next week when I go to the Doctor he will tell me that we are bumping my c-section up a week. I remember with Allie that even though I was extremely sleep deprived after she was born, I felt so much better physically and mentally once I recovered from my surgery than when I did the last couple of months of being pregnant. I wish I were one of those people who "never felt better" but I would just be lying if I said that!

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