Friday, August 1, 2008

Arts and Crafts

I have been trying to keep Alliebug from wanting to go outside because it is just too stinkin' hot!!! It's hot enough without being 8 1/2 months prego! I try to only let her watch about an hour of TV in the morning while I clean up which means mommy has to turn into a toddler at about nine o'clock to entertain my little munchkin. We have been reading and building castles and coloring and today we did a little art work. Now granted, I am one of the least creative people on this universe and my art skills are at best questionable. But Allie is 2, so she doesn't know this about her mommy. She thinks that everything that I do is great. I love that about her. She praises me while Michael snickers in the background at my rendition of spongebob. Well today was colors and shapes day. She knows basically all of her colors and shapes but it doesn't hurt to "bring them to remembrance" as the Apostle Paul says right!!

Aliie's two new favorite sayings are:

"et me tow jew" or "let me show you". I don't know how to do anything right so she has to kindly show me the correct way of doing things.

"what 'bout it" when I am telling her not to do something. In fact, she is telling me that right now. I am trying to keep her from dumping suncreen all over herself and when I tell her not to she simply says "what 'bout it." Now she is saying "can mommy talk to me that way." O Lordy, give me patience and strength!!

And now I know why I get looked at like I am a creature from another planet when I venture out in public. I wanted to see just how big my belly is since no one seems to think I will possibly be able to carry Joshua another day and, drum roll please.....

This isn't even a complete side profile. I won't scare you that bad:)

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Amanda said...

You do look like you're gonna pop, what 'bout it?!!

You get real good at the creative ideas thing and write them all down so you can pass them along to your dear friend!

Love ya!