Sunday, August 24, 2008

State Farm Commercial

I feel like I could be on one of the new State Farm commercials. My quote would be, "You know where pure exhaustion and lingering pain from a c-section meets I don't care because I have the two most beautiful children in the world, you could say I'm there!" I will have to add that I have the most wonderful husband in the world as well. He has done so much to help me in the last week and a half and I know that most husbands wouldn't come close to being as good as Michael has been to me! I have started pulling the night shifts alone which aren't bad compared to Allie, but there are at least two night feedings followed by changing poopy diapers followed by having to scrounge in the dark for clean clothes because somebody decided to pee all over himself. I am learning to shield a boy when he doesn't have a diaper on the hard way:) Allie is continuing to do wonderful. She is getting tired of me not being able to pick her up. She told my "boo boo" on my tummy to go away today. She has not shown any jealousy towards Joshua though and I am extrememly thankful for that! Joshua had a good Doctor's visit Friday. His bilirium levels continue to go down on their own so he seems to be in the clear! He now weights 7pnds 7oz which is over a pound of weight gain since we left the hospital. My mom says I have high calorie milk:) Anyway, that is the goings on of the Hataway home. We are extremely thankful around here these days!

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Dianne said...

Hey, Little Sister & Company,

I've been out-of-town since Friday and couldn't wait to get back to a computer so I could see what was happening in your lives. Beautiful things are happening. Daily. You and Michael are wonderfully blessed and I am blessed by God's love radiated in your words and these gorgeous video clips.

Happy Monday.