Monday, August 18, 2008

He's Here!!!

Praise the Lord! We have had such a wonderful last four days that it is hard to describe. I have to say that on Thursday I was probably more nervous than I have been in my whole life. My last c-section, although it brought my little Alliebug, was not a very pleasant experience. I have prayed and prayed that the Lord would bless me with an easier experience this time, and He has graciously answered that prayer. The c-section went wonderfully! Joshua came out kicking and screaming. He looks just like Allie did to me, but there are various opinions out there. Our pediatrician told us today that he looks like me! My stay at the hospital went without a hitch. Allie fell in love with him the moment she saw him. And on Saturday, we came home as a family of four for the first time. We are elated! Michael has been a huge help to me since we have been home and hopefully I will have my mom coming soon to finish out my recovery time. Speaking of my mom, SHE WAS HERE!! I cannot tell you what that meant to me! So, enough of the story, I know you want pictures right!!! There of course will be more of these to come in the near future!


Amanda said...

Finally! I have been checking your site like 20 times a day since Saturday. He is soooooo adorable and in the 1st 2 and last pics I totally see Allie when she was born. I'm not sure about the others though, hmmmm.

By the way, I was soooooo jealous of my dear husband when he said he was stopping at the hospital to see you guys. No fair. But he did say Joshua was so cute.(Yes, he said cute!)

I'll call you in a couple days and check on you guys and pleeeeese keep the pics coming as often as possible! Love you.

Dianne said...

Hey, Little Sister,

Y'all did yourselves proud once again. Beautiful little boy and you are all radiating happiness in each picture.

Instant love. Instant devotion. Instant prayer that all of you will continue to be blessed in your larger family. The perfect family, folks used to say..."You got your girl and you got your boy". Perfect.

Love you all. Tickled everything went so well and my prayer is that it will continue to be so.

amber said...

OH MY took FOREVER to post!!! HAHAHA!! But the wait was so worth it. My, he is handsome. I wanted to reach right in that computer screen and sniff him. He's gorgeous, Dana. I want him.

I am so glad that the C-section went well, and I hope that your recovery goes well also.


His Mercy Endureth Forever said...

Sis. Dana, I am so thankful all went well with your c-section and that everyone is healthy and at home. Congratulations again. I know you were so happy to have your mom there! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Emily said...

Congratulations Dana! I know y'all are excited to have your little bundle in your arms now! May God bless your family!