Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good News

Joshua's bilirium levels dropped over two points so he is on the road to being jaundice free!! I wish everyone could see how precious he is. He was awake for about two hours straight today and we just played with him. Everytime I would talk to him his little legs and arms would just start going crazy. He was crying this morning and Allie kissed him and he just stopped crying and looked at her. What a great big sister! She has adjusted so well and he is not bothered at all by her toddler behaviors:) I promise more pictures tomorrow!


Ms. B said...

The pictures are truly worth a thousand words. I am so glad you are taking time to share with us! Thank you!

Your growing family is in my continual thoughts and prayers!

Dianne said...

Morning, Little Sister,

We're praying for Joshua and his family. Special folks...in my eyes and, most importantly, in Gods'.

Allie will be a FINE big sister!

Holler if we can help.