Thursday, August 7, 2008

De Ja Vu

I swear it was like being in the doctor's office pregnant with Allie all over again. Everything is going wonderfully. Baby is growing fine and heart rate is perfect. He is snug as a bug but has dropped into position. And then it comes. "but now what about this blood pressure?" Yep, it was high. It started creeping up last visit and just continues to creep on up. I can't say that I was disappointed though. The words that followed were, "I am going to try to get your surgery bumped up a week." Hallelujiah. I don't know for sure if this can be done but I sure do hope so! My Dr. told me to take it easy, then he said,"but you can't really stay off your feet can you?" He understand having a two year old all too well:) I remember everyone telling me to get on the couch when I was expecting Allie. I have been hearing those same things from loving family and friends this time. I promise I will try to rest as much as possible!
There is one thing missing this time though. My wonderful friend Amanda Mizell cooked me a fabulous meal the night that they put me on moderate bed rest with Allie and we ate off of it for three nights. She had to up and move away so I will not be enjoying her scrumptuous cooking this time. I so enjoyed it last time though Amanda!! And my sweet mother came to keep me company until my induction so that I wouldn't go crazy and she was with me the whole step of the way. I miss you this time mama!


Dianne said...

Oh, Little Sister,

I feel for you. I know the memories of the last childbirth are sweet and the tho'ts of being able to put your feet up and chill out while others helped sounds pretty wonderful, too.

I lived FAR, FAR away in Michigan when my children were born and there was no one to help me out. Mama flew to Michigan for my 4th and final child, Nick. What a tremendous feeling of THANK YOU GOD when mama walked into my room at the hospital. I can be a little girl, now...for a little while. And, I cherish every memory with her.

Hope they can get you in there and Joshua out'ta there with as little complication as is possible.

Remember we love you, Michael, Allie and Joshua. May God bless & keep you all in His loving care.

melliehodges said...

Dear Dana,

You don't know me, but I know your husband from about 10 years or so ago. Michael may not remember me, maybe to jog his memory you can tell him I used to come with the Shoal Creek bunch to Mt. Zion once a month for singings. I just wanted to tell you all that I am praying for you and hope little Joshua makes an earlier arrival as you hope. I am expecting as well, not due until 12/15, but I know all too well the Blood Pressure and c-section game as I expect to be playing it near the end of my delivery as well! May God Bless you and your little family!

Melanie [Strevel] Hodges

Sis. Gail from Camp Creek said...

Hey, Dana, I have loved catching up on your blog entries. They are wonderful! Little Allie is quite the litle singer. I loved her singing, "He's got the whole world in His hands.? I loved all the pictures and videos you did for the blogspot. Thanks for sharing life with the Hataways with me. You have such a sweet family, and I love you all. Little Joshua will be here soon, and I know you all cannot wait. I know he is going to be beautiful.
I thought you might enjoy reading Katie's, Uncle Robert's granddaughter's, blogspot. Her blogspot is
Continue to keep her in your prayers. Her blogspot entries are amazing as she continues to trust in God to take care of her, her husband, and her sweet baby, and she has reconciled herself to accepting God's will in this matter no matter how it turns out. I will continue to pray for you and little Joshua as his big day approaches, and I will pray that all goes well for you and him. Love, Sister Gail