Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wonderful Week!

We have had another wonderful week. My sweet precious mother came on Tuesday to stay with us through Saturday morning and she was much needed and very welcomed! She had Michael salivating at the mouth with everything she cooked us. We had steak (yes I said steak) one night and one of the best roasts I have ever put in my mouth the next night with squash potatoes and carrots. Mom, COME BACK!!! She also made a Dairy Queen run every night so let's just say that I didn't exactly loose a record amount of baby weight last week! She did everything while I did next to nothing so I feel very energized to start this week with just me and my two precious children!
Allie and Joshua are doing great. Joshua continues to grow and is doing everything he is supposed to developmentally at this little stage in his life. It is always nice to hear the doctor say that they are right on schedule! He is becoming a little spoiled now that he realizes it is much nicer to be held than to sit by himself. Allie still loves him to death but has asked me to put him down a couple of times this week.

Michael has the day off tomorrow which is fantastic! I love having him home with us and I am sure we will be blessed with a wonderful family day tomorrow. I miss he and Allie right now because they are at church while me and Joshua are shut in the house! Man I miss church and can't wait to get back to my little church family!


Sis. Gail from Camp Creek said...

Thanks, Dana, for the update! Joshua is more beautiful than ever. The pictures are fantastic! How about some of you holding that sweet baby? We don't care if you still have a little baby weight on you--would love to see you, too. Little Allie was precious at church today; she told me she would give Joshua a kiss for me when she got home. Uncle Robert's little miracle great-grandbaby is still progressing along. It is a miracle that she is still with us. On Tuesday, they hope that she will be strong enough to survive the surgery her little body needs so badly. God is working miracles through this tiny little person. She had a heart problem, but it has disappeared! We know to Whom the Glory goes for this, don't we? Thank you for the prayers you have prayed for little Catherine. God has answered them more abundantly than we ever expected. I believe with all my heart that she will live to tell her miraculous story one day herself. Praise God!
Take care of that precious little Joshua--we all cannot wait to see him. Love to you all, Sis. Gail

Amanda said...

How are you EVER going to get anything done any more?!