Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well, my c-section has been officially changed to August the 20th, which means that in eight days I will be holding my precious son and introducing Allie to her baby brother. WOW! It has really sunk in this morning and I have started to utter the "God please just let he and I be healthy mentally and physically after delivery!" prayers about fifty times a day now instead of twenty. Michael is so ready and so excited. I have an appointment tomorrow so if all goes well there then my date will remain the 20th and we will be anxiously awaiting our little Joshua. Allie said she is going to say, "It ok, Allie here, you don't have to cry" to him when I am changing his diaper. She is so excited about having a real baby around here. She is very motherly so I am hoping that that will keep her from getting too jealous. Please pray for our little family that God will wrap His loving arms around us and bestow the awesome blessing of a healthy baby and mom!
Allie loves to remove the filling out of anything, ex. nutrigrain bars, peanut butter and jelly sanwiches, poptarts, etc etc., and put it all over her face!Pla;ying in Daddy's socks:)


Dianne said...

YAYYYYY! Little Sister,

Joshua and I will share the same birthday! I know he'll be excited like me. lol

Now, my prayers will be that you will have a wonderful procedure. Any discomfort will dim considerably when you get to hold that tiny little bundle in your arms.

I've got pictures of Angie when she was a toddler, her face painted in chocolate or whatever she was eating. SWEEThearts, both!

May God bless Joshua with a smooth transition from the womb.

Love to Allie & Brother Michael.

Amanda said...

As Amber would say, beast!
Wish I could be there but hopefully I'll make it up sometime in the near to distant future!

Call me before the 20th if you get a chance, we will be praying for the delivery and the recovery.

Love ya