Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Meeting Milestones

Those of you who know me best know that I was OBSESSED with Allie meeting every single milestone at the exact time that she was supposed to. Thus my husband banned me from the internet (this is where I got all of my info on what they are supposed to do when) and jokingly asked me every day when he got home, "so what disease does she have today?" He knows how to handle his crazy wife. So anywho, unfortunately I remember some of these milestones and am naturally worried if little man doesn't seem to meet them. Well, he met the one I have been worried about today! He can move his head from side to side while laying on his tummy! He will be four weeks old on Thursday. WHAT!!! Where have the last four weeks gone?

Thank you Amanda for my favorite outfit on Joshua right now. Mommy's New Man! Michael teases me when he wears this and says, "you got that right!" He told Joshua the other day that he kicked him to the curb when he came. He is my new little man though, and gosh I love him! Alliebug continues to entertain us with her toddlerhood! She makes me look forward to all of Joshua's "stages" so much. I am a very blessed woman, and I thank God for my two beautiful children and the best husband in the world every morning!


Dianne said...

Lol! Love the shirt, Dana. Love the pictures. And, Allie with her "spike" hair do.

When babies are this age, be thankful, be very, very thankful (and I know you are) you have a hubby who understands how many hours there are in a day and how many are spent caring for the babies.

Holler if you need a hand. I have two and Charles two...

Love you all BIG.

Jessi said...
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Jessi said...

This sort of brings tears to my eyes...of joy of course...I'm just so glad that you, Michael, Allie, & Joshua are so incredibly happy!

I hope that I can be as happy when my children reach their "milestones" and that I can be as grateful of a wife.

When I see someone who deserves to be happy, that is happy, I truly believe that the world is as it should be. It give me faith in the world.

Congratulations! I couldn't be happier for you and Michael!