Monday, September 22, 2008

Peas and Carrots, Carrots and Peas, Weight Come Off PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

So unless you have seen SuperWhy (a children's show) You do not get my title, but I am sure that most of you have:) Despite my husbands best efforts of reassuring me that I look great after just having a baby; I am going crazy with this extra weight! So, unfortunately I am trading in my Doritos for carrot sticks and leaving out the tablespoon of butter in my veggies so that maybe, just maybe, I can loose my last ten pounds!!! Don't know how long this will last though as breastfeeding mothers are even hungrier than pregnant ones! I am going to try my darndest though, because I have vowed not to eat all of the delicious food available at Christmas unless I am down at least one size and almost at my pre pregnancy weight!

Allie and Joshua are precious, especially now since they are both asleep. Why am I not asleep you ask? Well, that would be because just as I layed down Joshua started squeeking and the phone rang. There goes that much needed nap out the window. But the upside of this story is, my chicken is already in the oven and I am enjoying some awesome quiet time!!!

Allie's new thing now is telling me off by just mouthing the words so that I can't hear them. She may only be two but she has sassy down to an artform! Friday she told me, "You don't talk to me that way, do you understand me" To which I did what any mother would do, walked away until I could quit laughing and then returned to explain to her that I can indeed talk to her that way:) Joshua has to be held twenty four hours a day but is so sweet when he is being held. He smiles a lot now and cooes at us. I love how it takes them so much effort to make one little sound, and then they look so proud of themselves! He is getting so big. I got on the scales with him today and he weighs ten pounds! He is long too, and I think you all know that he DEFINATELY gets that from his daddy!


Amanda said...

So, should I not send the honey bun cake and double decker chocolate brownies that I have baking in the oven for you?:)

Joshua looks soooo fat in that last picture; I could just pinch those cheeks off!

You didn't tell me about Allie and the "mouthing" of her smart comments. She is one smart cookie!

Dianne said...

Hey, Lit'lun,

First thing you'll need to learn: Turn the DANG phone OFF when the babies are still. If world war III starts, you'll hear the neighbors! I still do that on Sunday afternoons when me and my "baby" Charles are down for a nap.

Allie's showing OUT, isn't she! And, I know it's not to be encouraged but is too funny when they're so little! God forbid they should SEE you laughing though. You'll be rewarded often.

Josh is precious, Dana. He was moving his little lips at church Sunday when I was talking to him, like he wanted SO badly to talk.

Good blog, Dana. May God bless you'ns BIG.