Saturday, September 6, 2008

Whose That Sleeping In My Bed?

Uh Oh!!! This did not occur at night, thankfully. For some reason Joshua sleeps fine in his little bed at night on his side or back like he is supposed to. However, this has been a different story through the day. I finally tried him on his tummy on my bed this morning and low and behold, he has been asleep for a solid two hours and giving me the peace and quiet I so desperately needed this morning!! Yesterday he was incredibly fussy and wanted to be held all day. Top that off with a two year old who constantly begs for my attention unless she is glued to the television, and having my husband gone literally all day until about 10:00 p.m.! I was tired to say the least and ibuprofen seemed to do nothing for my aching head. Thank our Good Lord above Joshua slept so well last night and Michael took Allie to the store with him this morning so I am having my own little "moment of silence" and believe me, offering up many many thankyous for the screaming baby that I do not hear and the two year old that is off talking her daddy's head off for a little while!


Dianne said...

Hey, Little Sister,

I've sang your song so many times. But, the little tapestry that is your family is being stitched daily, growing strong and created with so much love. Even the frustrations and "Calgon, TAKE ME AWAY" moments add to these handiworks and make your "creation" very special, very beautiful, very treasured and cherished. Enjoy the moments of solitude.

Take it from an OLD sister, when those "moments" stretch into hours, days, weeks, YEARS, the children are gone. The house silent. You sit and try to recall the clamor and little bodies and NOISE that was present when the children were small...course THEN theres GRANDchildren.

Love you. May God sweetly, kindly give you these minutes to regroup.

Amanda said...

I want to reach right thru the screen and pinch those sweet little cheeks! Kiss them for me!

Those moments of silence are priceless to us mothers and I am so glad you got a bit of a break!